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We Build The
Future Of Lead Generation

We transform website visitors into paying customers, applicants or prospects through highly converting and intelligent forms and improve your digital processes - simple and smart!

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satisfied customers

1,500+ users from over 20 countries use Funnelforms


The free version has been downloaded over 5000 times.

generated leads

Nearly 400,000 leads generated via Funnelforms

7 Years
in the market

Since 2015, customers rely on Funnelforms

Our values

Powerful values that bring people together

We have developed Funnelforms, a WordPress plugin that uses many synergies of the popular CMS to become one of the most used forms in the world.

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The new standard

We adapt the concept of forms and sales funnels and create the perfect combination of both for addressing potential customers.

Funnelforms are smart and think along. They are the perfect sales assistant, qualify and disqualify visitors who do not fit into your desired customer profile and always ask the right questions at the exact right moment.

You pick up your visitors exactly where they are interested and ask only what is important to you and relevant to your visitors. The user feels understood.

An extraordinary new user experience with impressive results.

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The vision

Driven by the need to improve the perception, user experience and chances of success of forms worldwide, we create with Funnelforms a proprietary ecosystem that produces impressive results.

With AI-powered conditional logic, we pick up the website visitor in the customer journey and guide them psychologically to where we want them to be. To the sales transaction, to the job interview, to the order page or to the retail store.

The processes are almost unlimited due to subsequent automations.

We would like to make these possibilities available to more than 100,000 companies.

Our location

From the Emirates to the whole world

Dubai, UAE

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Dubai Digital Park - Building A2, Unit 101
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