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Create smart multi-step forms for your WordPress website with artificial intelligence and win more ready-to-buy customers, acquire the right staff and digitize your business processes!

Why Funnelforms?

Up to 377% more leads for your business

The conversion rate on a website in comparison speaks for itself. On average, customers achieve a threefold increase in leads, sales, customers or applicants.

What functions are waiting for you?

Everything you need and much more!

Forget your problems with websites that fail to produce results - turn your website into a new customer machine with the Funnelforms plugin for WordPress!

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Create high-quality forms with a few clicks using drag and drop, without touching a line of code.

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Intuitively guide your website visitors through a sales-rich process that generates more leads for you.

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If A - then B. Build questions logically and link them to lead your visitors to their goal.

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100% Responsive

Funnelforms looks awesome everywhere, so you won't lose potential leads on any of your users' devices.

In use around the world

Work in your native language

Funnelforms is currently available in 15 languages and new language versions are added continuously.

How does Funnelforms work?

Form funnel taken
a step beyond

A good form must be able to do one thing above all: Capture data correctly. But how do you make Funnelforms save you a lot of time through automation?

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Psychology of Sales

The forms are designed to be intuitive and self-explanatory for your visitors. Accurately collect valuable data and show your visitors only the question that is really important to them.

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More than 5,000 integrations to apps

Get access to more than 5,000 apps using the Zapier integration to read each of the form entries and the responses. Create complex logical connections and assign the best leads to the right people.

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Unlimited further processing

You have a choice! What should happen with the collected data at the end of the form? Send an e-mail? Add to an email list? Send it to a CRM? The possibilities with Funnelforms are unlimited.

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True security

Data protection

Funnelforms is GDPR-compliant according to current, europe-wide data protection laws.

A significant difference to comparable tools available on the market is that at no point is data processed or stored on our or third-party servers. All leads and personal customer data reside entirely on your website and your web server and do not leave this closed system.

Lots of integrations

More than 5,000 integrations to your tools

Funnelforms connects to more than 5,000 apps and tools. So you can send your leads directly to your CRM or email marketing and process them afterwards.


Latest news and effective lead generation strategies

The Funnelforms blog regularly provides you with the latest strategies for lead generation, online marketing and WordPress.

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