Easy appointment booking

Automated initial, sales or consulting calls

With the integrated appointment booking function including complete calendar integration, you expand your lead quality with a unique module and save time, money and nerves at the same time!

What really matters

Efficient and fast scheduling

Connect your calendar and let your visitors book appointments with you easily and smartly. The appointments are automatically synchronized with your calendar.

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Fully integrated

The appointment booking functionality is seamlessly integrated as a question type in Funnelforms and can be easily and quickly placed and used anywhere in your form funnel.

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Smart settings

Set individually detailed date and time settings to be displayed to your visitors. With intelligent settings for buffer times, pre-run times and start times interval.

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Simple connection

Connect your own or your company's calendar to the five most popular calendar tools (iCloud, Google, Outlook, Office 365, Exchange) and never enter an appointment manually again!

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Appointment reminders

Make sure that your participants attend the appointment. Set up to 5 reminders and your participants will also be automatically reminded via push notifications.

Easily improve the quality and number of your leads now!

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