Key features

A uniquely communicative customer experience

Always ask your visitor the relevant questions at the best moment. With Funnelforms, you can create stunning form funnels and guide your website visitors through a unique customer journey.

Simple creation via drag & drop

Create smart, selling forms

Use simple drag and drop editors to create and edit questions, contact forms and forms - without any coding skills.

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1. Question editor

First, select the desired question type and define answers or special settings for it.

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2. Contact form editor

Then create a contact form with your desired fields such as name, email address, phone or individual text fields.

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3. Form editor

Connect the created questions and other elements with optional conditional logic to create a finished form funnel.

Question types for any purpose

Always ask the right questions

Create your successful form funnel from more than 10 question types. Build questions logically on each other and lead the visitor intuitively to the completion.

Single selection

Psychologically the most important question type for a high conversion rate. Create this selection field to give your visitors a predefined choice and capture the answers in a modern way by using an icon or custom image.

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Multiple selection

You want to ask your customers which extras they are interested in? With a multiple choice field your visitors have the possibility to select multiple answers. Optionally limit the maximum number of possible answers and then redirect the visitor to the next question.

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Text row

A text line is recommended to ask the visitor for his name directly at the beginning of the form, for example. In addition to contact data, it can also sometimes be helpful to enter text within the form, such as the desired quantity for order forms.

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Text area

You want your visitors to answer a specific question that is important for qualification? With the text area you give your visitors the possibility to enter longer text entries or whole sentences. The maximum input length can also be optionally limited.

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You want to know a specific date directly from your visitor? Use this question type to either enter a date in the past or ask for a date in the future, e.g. a desired deadline or a delivery date.


With the slider you ask your visitor for a value in a predefined range. Useful for example for asking the project budget or a certain number. The unit is freely adjustable (€, $, kg, km, m, m², etc.), a value can be preset and optionally the manual input can be activated.

HTML content

Use the HTML element to display your own content as an intermediate step within the form or at the beginning. For example, you can embed a video as an introduction, display an image or simply add a welcome or information text for your visitors.

File upload

Funnelforms also offers the possibility to process files from visitors. With the file upload you give your visitors the ability to upload one or more files within your form structure, you can limit the maximum file size as well as the number of files.


Sometimes it is necessary to select a single answer from a longer dropdown list. With the dropdown you can give your visitors a choice of answers that you have previously defined. A dropdown can also be useful, for example, when selecting the form of address.


With Funnelforms you can also capture exact addresses. Use this question type to ask for the address of your visitor. Thanks to Google Maps connection with auto-complete, you can enter the address in a few seconds. The address is displayed graphically on a map after input.

Appointment booking

Connect your iCloud, Google, Office 365, Exchange, or Outlook calendar to Funnelforms and let your visitors book appointments with you easily and smartly. You can pre-define available times and date ranges and the appointments will automatically sync with your calendar.

In use around the world

Work in your native language

Funnelforms is currently available in 15 languages and new language versions are added continuously.

True security

Data protection

Funnelforms is GDPR-compliant according to current, europe-wide data protection laws.

A significant difference to comparable tools available on the market is that at no point is data processed or stored on our or third-party servers. All leads and personal customer data reside entirely on your website and your web server and do not leave this closed system.

Additional functions in detail

Overview of all functions

Learn in detail how Funnelforms supports you and how it helps you to build structured and clean processes in your business.

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Drag & Drop

The form builder is easy to use drag and drop without touching a line of code.

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Conditional logic

If A then B. Build questions logically on top of each other to create an interactive and intelligent form.

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Lead Dashboard

Get a well-structured and filterable overview of all your leads and requests in the Lead Dashboard.

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Custom design

The design is 100% customizable to your website, every color and font size is adjustable.

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Tracking & Statistics

Funnelforms is compatible with the Facebook and Google Pixel and can be tracked in detail.

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Integrations to tools

Get your leads sent to your CRM or email marketing tool. With the Zapier integration to over 5,000 apps.

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Import / Export

Import or export your forms as you like between multiple websites.

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Your customers can be notified immediately through an automatic reply email.

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GDPR compliant

The plugin is GDPR compliant and complies with the latest European laws on data protection.

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Demo import

Choose from a growing number of demo forms and import them with one click.

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Tutorial videos

In the members area you will find detailed tutorial videos on how to set up all functions and helpful tips.

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24/7 Premium Support

Should you ever get stuck, our 24/7 Premium Support is always happy to help.

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