The Lead Accelerator - the all-in-one solution

Get noticeably more customers or employees for your business growth in just 8 weeks

Our exclusive program to help your business achieve better sales, staff and processes in combination with Funnelforms. We set up a complete marketing campaign for you consisting of an optimized landing page, intelligent Funnelforms and high-performance ads. The number of slots per quarter is limited.

+ Bonus: Free lifetime business license of Funnelforms


of 10

free slots

The blueprint

Lead generation at the highest level

Day after day, our clients' Funnelforms generate leads for new customer acquisition and to find suitable employees or increase product sales.

We can generate leads

We have been on the market with the Funnelforms plugin for lead generation since 2015 and in the now more than 6 years we have completely built up the subject of performance marketing in combination with intelligent form funnels as one of the first companies.

We build a source of analytics data from thousands of forms, hundreds of thousands of leads generated, and hundreds of A/B split tests through our own software.

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The goal: More leads for you

Funnelforms Lead Accelerator is a program to increase all leads in the form of new customers or personnel for your business.

Slots are strictly limited. We help a maximum of 10 selected businesses per quarter, for whom we set up a complete marketing campaign consisting of an optimized landing page, intelligent funnel forms and high-performance ads.

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Service modules

8 week program

In the Lead Accelerator program, we combine the synergistic effects of lead generation and show you a way to sustainably generate significantly more requests, no matter for what purpose.

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Week 1: 1 hour Kick-Off Zoom Session to capture the current status quo

We look at your website and your business, you give us an insight into current marketing campaigns and statistics on traffic and online marketing. Based on this, we analyze your market and competitors.

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Week 2: Creation of an online marketing concept tailored to your business

Here follows the concept for lead generation and optimization of your existing online marketing. The new concept forms the basis for the subsequent creation of the landing page, the Funnelforms and the advertising campaigns. In a subsequent Zoom Session, we explain the concept to you and leave room for your change requests and improvements.

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Week 3: Implementation of the work steps defined in the online marketing concept

All necessary steps are implemented by the respective experts from our team (for example, for the creation of a landing page, creation of the funnel form including all questions and logics, creation of advertising campaigns, optimization of the website).

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Week 4: Individual arrangements for release

Another Zoom Session follows to explain and implement the online marketing concept. Here we show you which steps and optimizations we have made around the marketing funnel we have created and receive your approval at the end.

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Individual support for 4 more weeks

After the release of the funnel, you will of course not be left alone in case of any further questions. Within these 4 weeks, depending on your needs, up to two Zoom sessions can be arranged to improve the advertising campaigns, landing page, forms and strategy.

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Bonus: Free lifetime business license of Funnelforms

As an additional bonus, you get a Funnelforms business license (for 3 websites) on top of the Lead Accelerator. This saves you further follow-up costs for lead generation and you can invest the saved budget in profitable advertisements.

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Optional: Subsequent 6- or 12-month supervision

After completing the 8-week Lead Accelerator, you have the option of receiving further support over 6-12 months. Here, existing campaigns are continuously optimized, new campaigns are set up, new ads are created, new landing pages are tested and further marketing strategies are developed.

Case Studies

Our customer successes

Join a history of businesses that have already had great success with the Lead Accelerator. We will be happy to present you with further successful case studies on request.

Case Study #1 - Gardoma

Gardoma Holzsystembau specializes in the production of wooden terrace roofing. Funnelforms is used in combination with our online marketing strategy to generate leads. A terrace roof from this premium manufacturer usually costs at least € 8,000.

Price of lead: 32,57 €

Price of product: from 8.000 €

Return on Investment: 245,6 X

Case Study #2 - Systembau Terrassendach

Systembau Terrassendach GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of aluminum patio roofs and uses Funnelforms with our individually created online marketing strategy. A terrace roof from this company usually costs at least € 3,000.

Price of lead: 42,44 €

Price of product: from 3.000 €

Return on Investment: 70,7 X

Case Study #3 - OSD International

OSD International GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist for international health insurance and advises customers on this worldwide. By optimizing the Google Ads campaigns and using an intelligent Funnelforms as well as the matching landing page, we were able to achieve a stable lead price of under 10€.

Price of lead: 9,30 €

Price of product: from 400 € monthly

Return on Investment: 43 X

Case Study #4 - SubZero GmbH

Sub Zero Kälte Klima GmbH is a service provider for air conditioning and refrigeration. In cooperation, we set up a complete funnel including Google Ads for SubZero GmbH. Through optimization, we were able to halve the cost per lead and build a constant stream of new customers.

Price of lead: 49,46 €

Price of product: from 2.000 €

Return on Investment: 40,4 X

Case Study #5 - KSB Rechtsanwälte

Shipnoski & Behnke Rechtsanwälte GbR is a law firm specializing in traffic law. Through a funnel created by us specifically on speed cameras and fines, we have opened up a new market and created a complete marketing campaign for the law firm in Google Ads with Funnelforms.

Price of lead: 71,99 €

Price of product: Long-term mandates over many years

Return on Investment: at least 50 X

The Lead Accelerator is a good fit for you if:

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You want to generate more leads, customer requests or suitable personnel online.

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You have a service (agency, coach, consultant, trainer, freelancer, practice) or craft business (no e-commerce / online store).

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Your business has been in existence for more than one year and you are already generating 5-digit revenues and have a certain customer base (not a start-up).

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You can spend about 2.000 € additional budget for advertisements.

The Lead Accelerator is not for you if:

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You don't really know what you want to sell.

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Your product is not yet ready and there is no proof of concept.

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You have a start-up or e-commerce / online store business.

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You have no willingness to invest in your success.

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You ignore suggestions, advice and tips from people who really know how to do it.